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  • "This hair is too bomb. This will be my third time getting your hair. I haven't gone anywhere else since" IG: @prtygrlrck

  • "The hair is real pretty and it dyed well without any problems. It was so soft after I finished getting it done." IG: @reesssaaa

  • "I installed my hair today and it has been great so far. There has been no tangles or shedding. The hair is true to length, soft, and it was enough hair for a full sew in. I purchased 26,28,30 inches with a 20 inch closure. I will update you more on the hair after more wear. Thank you!" IG: @J.daprincess

  • I received my  hair from you all and I love it. couldn't be happier with my purchase. This is the second set of bundles Ive ordered and I will continue to shop with you. Thank you!"

  • This hair is beyond marvelous! I get sooo many compliments everyday. Its sooo soft and it doesnt shed not one bit. BEST HAIR IVE EVER HAD!" IG: @JADABABAY 

  • "Its Doing Just fine still, no problems at all. To be honest I only have positive things to say about this hair because it hasnt showed me any negative signs. I dyed it, after shampooing and conditioning it, it was silky and back to its flow. Of course, i will be buying again just trying to figure out what type of pattern i want to try next."IG: Blackineselifestyle 

  • "Its doing great! What i like the best so far is that it doesnt shed at all and i barely have to do anything to it, just wake up and go." IG: __ITSCHRISSY

  • "I be telling people to buy your hair because your hair is the best hair i ever! I mean EVER had" IG: Prettyfortvne_

  • "I like it! Ive been getting so many compliments" IG:lovvvebritt_

  • "Lovveeee IT! Thinking about dying it another color. The pros is how easy it is to manage and get the curl pattern back. There are no cons and ill probably be buying more after basic training" IG: Kelayshadexsha

  • "Second install using the hair I bought in September! The hair is still great! I love that it doesnt shed so it kept its length! I curled the hair this time when i got it done and it holds a great curl. I would definenlty reccomend this hair"  IG: @_93honda