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Meet The Owner

I am Ty, otherwise known as @ty_stunning on Instagram. I  started Bundles For Queens in the summer of 2015 with just a dream and some faith. When first starting I had no money but I was determined. My mother and i had been talking about what business venture I should go into for the longest and finally we decided to go with hair. I'm a free spirit so selling any product is fun for me. The feeling of making others happy and getting that happiness back in return from yalls support is everything.  Running a business while in college isn't easy but all of the struggles make the success more vauable. The best advice I would give someone starting a business would be to start it and never give up. Even when I take Ls, I  pick back up and keep going. I have a lot on the way for you all and plenty more for you all to learn about me. Thanks for visiting my site and follow me on Instagram. stay tuned!