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Custom Color is Amazing because it is fun and sexy. Right now we offer 613( Platinum blonde W/O black roots) 1b/613(Platinum blonde w/ Black Roots) 1b/27(Honey blonde with black roots) 27(Honey blonde w/o black roots) and Grey! All Custom color hair must be cared for intensely because it is COLORED hair. Below are a few pointers to better help you maintain your beautiful color.


*   Condition regularly

*  Shampoo is not recomended because it strips the natural textures of hair

* Shy away from products that contains alcohol.

* Do not add excessive heat

*Wrap up at night with silk or satin bonnet

* If you wish to put color on top of our color, please be sure to see a professional or someone who has experience coloring hair.

Custom Color Bundles

  • All sales are FINAL. No refunds will be issued under any circumstances. If you have any questions or concerns with yor package after you have received it, please contact us via our contact page and we will assist you.